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Daily Specials

Monday: Art

Taught by a few of our teachers, art is an integral part of every HPA classroom. Art experiences in our classrooms contribute to creative development as well as to a wide range of skills in other areas including perceptual, cognitive, language, and social skills. Children will be exposed to a collection of different artists and techniques throughout the year and will then be able to display their masterpieces during our annual Spring Fling Art Show. 

Tuesday: Ballet/Creative Dance OR Music and Movement

Our dance/creative movement class is designed to introduce children to the idea of expressing themselves through movement. Fun activities, such as stretches, yoga, beginning ballet, free dance, and beginning tumbling, help them develop physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially.

HPA's Music & Movement is a collaboration of songs, fingerplays, and rhythmic instruments to inspire our children to get up and move.

The children are exposed to several props and instruments such as parachutes, drums, maracas, bells, rhythm sticks, scarves, etc. to enrich their Music & Movement activities

Wednesday: Lil' Hammers Soccer

Taught by: Coach Lauren

The Little Hammerheads program is an outside program that comes to our school once a week to offer early soccer skills on-site to those who want to participate. Coach Lauren from the Hammerheads office brings balls and small goals and transforms half of the playground into a mini soccer field for an hour of fun soccer drills and scrimmages.

Thursday: Storytelling

Following the research of author and educator, Vivian Paley, our storytelling class encourages imagination, language development, and literacy. Each student is given the opportunity to "write" his/her own story. Then, as a class with the leadership of Ms. Katie, the story is acted out as a play! Students love being able to engage in their fellow "authors'" stories by making their characters come to life!

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